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Released earlier this month Abobo’s big adventure is the one of the best games I’ve played in a long time. It’s the perfect combination of comedy and classic gameplay. Gameplay that makes you remember the days of blowing into carts and also throwing said cart against a wall in frustration. This kind of nostalgia makes this game so awesome and kept me coming back after every old school death. I remember hearing about the game some time ago while it was in beta form and became interested after hearing that a game was being made around Abobo. For those that don’t know who he is, he was one of the main enemies in the Double Dragon series. A hulk of a man who instilled fear in all those who faced him; but in ABA he is not only a physical powerhouse but is also HILARIOUS.

Programmers Roger Barr, “Bane” and artist Pox came together in 2002 to make a tribute to the NES games of old. They came up with this adventure that parodies numerous classic games by mish-mashing them together with a underlying rescue story. “Aboboy” has been captured and Abobo must try and rescue him by any means necessary.

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What makes this game so great is in the game’s design. You will go from a side-scrolling beat-em-up stage to a Legend of Zelda themed one. The mechanics are the same but it’s the little touches like throwing in enemies from games that have nothing to do with one another that make it special. Killing a Shyguy in a Zelda level isn’t out of the question, neither is eating the head off a little girl from River City Ransom for health. Stuff like this keeps you wondering what you will see next and keeps the anticipation level really high.

I won’t spoil some of my favorite levels because seeing it for the first time is part of the charm. I would advise folks that there are cool little things to see in all the levels, it gives this flash game a bunch of replay-ability and totally adds to the fun. There is also a bonus adventure you can download and play if you donate a little cash to the cause.

Check out Abobo’s Big Adventure over at abobosbigadventure.com or over at newgrounds.com

Kahlief Adams

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