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Battlefield 4 for $30?

Some leaked images from NeoGAF that look to be credited to DualShockers have shown up today that tote some pretty sweet deals for the upcoming Black Friday shopping madness at Gamestop.  The highlights are the highly anticipated Battlefield 4 (current-gen) for $30 & for all of those folks that haven’t jumped on the Playstation Plus bandwagon, it looks like you can snag a year subscription for $30 as well.

That seems like a total steal for both those coming in way under their usual price, even with the next-gen $10 upgrade plans implemented you’ll still come in under retail at least on the Battlefield end.

Check out the pictures below of the ad as posted from GAF.

GamestopAdBlackFriday-12 GamestopAdBlackFriday-11 GamestopAdBlackFriday-10 GamestopAdBlackFriday-09 GamestopAdBlackFriday-08 GamestopAdBlackFriday-07 GamestopAdBlackFriday-06 GamestopAdBlackFriday-05 GamestopAdBlackFriday-04 GamestopAdBlackFriday-03 GamestopAdBlackFriday-02 GamestopAdBlackFriday-01


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