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New Battlefield 4 Customization Videos Shows Off Goodies

There have been some leaked videos on the net showing off all the unlocks that you’ll be able to play with while shooting dudes and dudettes in Battlefield 4. Two new videos popped up giving an even better detailed look at just how these unlocks should give you and your squadmates the upper hand on the frontlines.

The first is from EA France and is part one of a two part series. Lead Core Game Designer, Alan Kertz goes into some detail on how to kit out your weapon for both long and short range encounters.

[y=Zp-bSsmRrRw?t=51s height=400]

The second video from EAVISION, goes into even more depth on both kits, scopes and vehicles while sharing some new information on some gameplay mechanics we’ve never seen before in a Battlefield game. Adaptive Camo? Tier Reloading? Don’t know what those are? Check out the video below and find out.

[y=o5jYY4vH1SE height=400]

With Battlefield 4  being my shooter of choice for next-gen, I am overjoyed at all the smart additions like the stat gauges that show in real-time how more or less effective your gun is going to be in the situation you want to use it in. It’s a small change but I believe it will absolutely change the way I and others will play the game. I can’t wait for the beta to drop next month.

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