Bioshock Infinite DLC Takes Us Back To The Beginning

Bioshock Infinite left itself endless narrative possibilities with both the underpinnings of its base story and it’s phenomenal ending. An ending that left me and others with our jaws on the floor waiting for another taste of Columbia’s setting. Well Irrational Games has finally started to wet our whistles with announcements of their DLC for the game.

The first is something that we kind of all knew was coming. The skyline system in the game was intuitive and fun, but the main game just didn’t feel like it had enough of that gameplay to satisfy most players. Just when you got the hang of it and started to figure out the nuances of both locomotion and combat, you were back on the ground going to the next story moment.

Titled “Clash In The Clouds”, this Skyline focused arena based combat will take place in four different maps and have extra achievements/trophies. Plus there seems to be the added incentive to play that comes in the form of “Blue Ribbon Challenges” and Leaderboards!  This seems like the perfect summer morsel to tide us over until their next and more ambitious DLC pack called “Burial At Sea”

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“Burial At Sea” takes on the multi-verse by placing Booker in the setting of Rapture from Bioshock 1 & 2 and it looks like he is also not alone in his travels….This should be really interesting and cool. I can’t wait!!

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The Infinite fork of the Bioshock universe has so much potential, it can both remix its own mythos while pushing the characters forward at the same time. In my gaming utopia the next game they would make would be “Twilight Zone”- the game.

Clash in the Clouds drops today on all respective platforms, let us know what you think in the comments below.


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