EA Sports UFC Will Feature A Handsome Bald Black Man

I will fully admit, I’m still a newbie to the UFC. I don’t have all the moves, transitions and takedowns memorized yet. I don’t know who the rising stars are, but I do know that every time I watch a Pay-Per-View the air around me is electrified with the anticipation of seeing something awesome.

EA Sports has  figured a way to bottle that feeling with their newest game. Creative Director Brian Hayes doesn’t sound like a stuffed suit when he narrates their development blog videos. Brian comes across in the videos as if in another life he would have loved to be one of these fighters. He seems to totally understand what systems are being implemented, and how those systems connect the real life UFC and their game. More importantly he shares how those connections are going to make UFC a fun game to play.

ufc 1

This latest video delves into what it will be like to create your own UFC superstar. Moving your fighter from the “Ultimate Fighter” basement to the big time in the Octagon, all while gaining new techniques, fans and fight strategies. One of the things that got me the most excited was the return of EA Gameface, a creation tool that lets you use your console’s camera to put yourself in the game. So get ready for the return of my online presence “Liefy Greens” to take on the rest of the UFC roster and regain my prominence as the World Champ! Check out the trailer below and let us know what you think.

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