GameStop is Trying to Simplify Your Trade-In Life

GameStop, scrabbling for any traction they can get in this digital age, are simplifying their trade-in model. According to Kotaku, inside sources have leaked the new model, which is launching on August 18th.

For everyone who has traded a game into GameStop, we know how confusing the maze of options is. “Get extra for trading that in towards this special pre-order.”, “Today we are doing trade in three to get an extra percentage.” and so on. After such a labyrinthine path, you may expect to find a Minotaur when you got to the end! Instead, you found a long receipt and a card with less credit on it than you hoped.


The new program removes all the silly pathways and puts things out pretty straightforward. It’s now broken down to cash or credit, with or without the PowerUp Rewards card. That’s it. Want to put your trade towards Destiny? No problemo! You just won’t get an extra dime. While that may seem like you are getting less love for your old games, reports also indicate GameStop will be raising the amount you get for relinquishing your old chums by a substantial 20%!


All this news comes fresh on the heels of reports that GameStop is launching a credit card with a finance rate double the industry standard. The changes at GameStop are coming fast, which has been causing massive fluctuations in their stock. Investors don’t know what to make of all the news. Do you? Will you go back to GameStop with your wares, or stick to big-box monster Best Buy for your trade ins? Why do any of this when there is Craigslist? Oh right, less stabbings. We’ll see how the cash tide turns August 18th and beyond.

Kahlief Adams

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  • Younanomous

    Not to be a cynic, but how can we know that Gamestop will indeed be raising their trade-in offers by 20%? The amount given is has always be arbitrary; I remember when they bought my EB Games store, our trade-in values dropped considerably.

    August 6, 2014 at 8:10 am

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