Grand Theft Auto 5 PC Version Outed By Summer Steam Sale?

*Editor’s Note* So in my excitement I missed that this information might be a week or so old, I apologize for missing this. We’re still excited and can’t wait for this.

We’ve all been wondering when and if Rockstar Games would bring their mega hit Grand Theft Auto V to current gen consoles. Earlier this month we got a chance to see just that in a gorgeous trailer which reignited my want to jump back into that world for a second time. The only omission to all this re-release news was when the inevitable PC port would be coming or if it even was going to exist.

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Well it looks like some of that information is just got outed and comes from an usual source, the summer Steam sale. If you’re familiar with the game listing pages on Steam, games  usually have other version options to the particular game you’re buying. Whether it be DLC or Game of the Year editions, most times new news isn’t given but under the GTAIV listing this blurb was here:


steam GTAVWhether this is a mistake from Rockstar or Steam isn’t known at this point but seeing it listed does give way more confidence that it’s coming and coming soon. Looking at the system requirements, the game should run on mid range rigs well and it looks like the the video editor will be making its return for all of you machinima savants out there.

All in all I’m super excited and might actually hold off on re-buying the console version to get this one instead.

So that’s it for now, let us know if you’re excited and what you think of this news in the comments below! Fall can’t get here fast enough.



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