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A Look At GTAV’s Online Character Creator

While we all wait for GTAV’s online component to come back online after a shaky but expected launch, I was able to quickly grab some footage and create my online character. Rockstar went in a very interesting direction with how you make your online persona. They take a small page out of the Rogue Legacy playbook and let your lineage decide how you are doing to appear in game.

Your initial base is derived from your grandparents, those physical characteristic then filter through your parents and then you. Some adjustable sliders give your character background and also help to round out your character. Things like how much you sleep, how active you are and how much crime you’ve committed.

For those who have registered with the Rockstar Social Club you can even pick a certain protagonist from the Red Dead game to be a family member to help make your avatar.

Rockstar seems to always be a little ahead of the curve and just getting into their online world proved entertaining….at least for the 5 minutes before it shut down.

Take a look at me making my character and it will be great to get shot by you all. Send me a friend request if you want to run around when the servers come back up.

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Kahlief Adams

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  • The new GTA V online character creator tool is a lot of fun. But, apart from inheritance of traits, GTA V online characters have a sense of authenticity in them. You can tell it from the voices and the their fluid movements during live play. To me the multiplayer online mode is simply amazing.

    October 5, 2013 at 10:19 am

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