The indiE3 Project Looks To Give Indie Devs The Spotlight They Deserve

I can remember when the underground Hip-Hop movement kicked in the status-quo’s door in the early 90’s, that movement was brash, opinionated, talented and didn’t ask for recognition. They did what every other group did before them who felt like they weren’t getting the attention and recognition due them, they organized and built their own thing. After what I saw last night it looks like the Indie dev community is having its own revolution.

Grumblings and frustration voiced over social media about what the yearly E3 conference has become almost overnight turned into a gathering of ideas and efforts to come together into what has been called the “indiE3 project”. A gathering of indie devs from across the planet that would not only be more inclusive, but would give other indies a place to share ideas and more importantly give a stage for them to show off their games. A tweet from TJ Thomas, Owner/Lead Developer of Alpha Six Productions seemed to start the movement and galvanize his peers into action.

Folks caught wind of what was happening and then the tweets of support came flooding in. Here are some of my favorites:

And I think this last one totally drove the point home:

The cyber event will run from June 9th through the 15th, everything from game jams to live developer panels will be there to see from all across the world. We are still looking to hear about an official schedule where we can see who and what will be shown but we will update this post and our social media accounts with any new developing news and information. The indiE3 project posted this on their Tumblr page last night and it give a little bit more of an overview.

indiE3 will be starting on June 9, 2014, the day before E3! it will serve as our “opening day” where we’ll be showing off trailers to announce the newest games that you’ve never seen before, and we’ll be organizing various “channels” that you’ll be able to watch as the event goes on.

we’ll have various live panels (we’ve received support from Indie Haven and The Spawn Point), ranging from indie game coverage, design manifestos, to round-table discussions and lightning talks submitted to indiE3 and seen live only at

June 10 – 14 will be the official indiE3 Game Jam, hosted by Game Jolt! YOU CREATE the games at #indiE3 with some kind of revolutionary theme! (or just do whatever the hell you want!)we strongly encourage selling your indiE3 Jam games as well!

on June 15, we’ll be collecting all of the indiE3 Jam games and showing them off all day!

we’ll be running various streams and game tournaments throughout the whole event. Warp Door will have a channel / booth to show off various unique little games! it’s really gonna be something else.

join us in starting a new revolution!

submit your games, talk ideas, or any ideas that you have that would make indiE3 unforgettable, please don’t hesitate to e-mail us at indiE3 (at) a6productions (dot) com!

I am so damn excited to see what TJ and the rest of his crew will be able to pull off. Indie developers might have found a new place to call home and I’m excited to see how things come about once they move in.

For more info on the event check out their Tumblr page –  TJ Thomas’s Twitter –@tronmaximum@projectindiE3

Kahlief Adams

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