*UPDATE*- Leaked Xbox One Dashboard Video

YouTube user Jackson Carter shared a video via his channel that gives a pretty cool look at the dashboard of the new console.

[y=4b29jUoqHu4 height=400]

You can see the Windows 8 integration and style all over the place but what strikes me is similarity the current PSN store has with the new Microsoft dash.

The “forever scroll” in theory makes it easier to users to get to the content they want but in comparison to the PS4 UI shown earlier this month, this seems a lot less of that “sexy” factor.

[y=hz_J0cHfQ_0 height=400]

Let us know what you think of the Xbox UI in the comments below.

*UPDATE* It looks like the video has been taken down but hopefully you had the chance to check it out. We’ll keep looking for more versions of the initial video and update you.

Kahlief Adams

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