NBA Live 14 5-On-5 Gameplay Trailer Is Underwhelming.

So after the craziness that ensued after 2KSports dropped their “OMG” trailer yesterday, we all waited to see what EA had in store for us. Well here is their trailer for their upcoming title.

Check it out here:

[y=E9xaRywnnQI height=400]

From what they showed in that trailer, the game is lacking in all the places you expect a next-gen sports title to be high on. Players look like they are made of clay, movement looks stiff and jerky. Some of the player models look good but their shooting forms and hands look like they are attached to marionette strings.

I would still have to play it to give it a full review and opinion but from what they just showed, things don’t look good for the already struggling franchise. You can’t bring something back from the dead just to kill it again. What is this NBA Live Cemetary?

Then again maybe 2k14 did all the killing yesterday.

Kahlief Adams

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  • Marcness

    I’m really not one to scrutinize games based on graphics, but it’s quite apparent who’s worked harder between this trailer and 2K’s trailer.

    The player models look less like the players they portray and the lighting looks really weird. It’s almost as if EA was using their PS3 models, where 2K used their PS4/PC models.

    From a game mechanics standpoint, EA’s game still looks like it uses their old physics model, despite them advertising their new Ignite engine. The ball still bounces funny, and the ball still seems to look like it’s not being handled by the players’ hand. It’s really hard to explain, but my experience with the two game franchises is that the ball seems to move independent from the player in the 2K games; whereas, in the EA games, it looks as if the ball is attached to the player’s model. This was what I experienced in 2004. Right now, it’s near the end of 2013, EA releases their newest NBA Live game on a new physics engine….AND IT STILL LOOKS LIKE IT’S NBA LIVE 2004.

    Now, after all that has been said, I still reserve judgment, considering that neither trailer can reflect the gameplay at this stage. But, because of my past experiences, I’m biased towards 2K’s product.

    October 18, 2013 at 3:26 pm

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