Next-Gen Is Starting Off With A Bang

So the Next-Gen hype train is about to finally pull into the station during the next two weeks with both the PS4 and Xbox One landing in stores. There has been LOTS of hullabaloo about everything from not-so-next-gen resolutions to the lack of music CD playback. (Humans still want this?) I am going to try to remove some of the negativity from the discussion by telling you what I am excited for and hopefully you will be too. So let’s do this, shall we?


With the grittier tone that we’ve seen from past reveals, many people (myself included) thought that Capcom might have been going in a more serious direction with Dead Rising 3. A serious tone that was far from the campy cross-dressing Servbot head-throwing we’d come to know and love. The video (courtesy of Rev3 Games) below might have changed my mind about the game. A lot of that playfulness is left in the both the costume design and new weapon crafting system to keep both fans and series newbies happy while still capturing the darker, more realistic tone they are going for.

[y=haq8FAK4ysk height=400]


With many folks still trying to figure out what games to get for the new PS4, the ones who already have Playstation Plus accounts will be able to load up their system day one and play this gorgeous SHUMP from the folks that brought you Super Stardust HD. I’ve been asked a couple of times what are my most anticipated next-gen launch games and this one is always at the top of my list. I haven’t seen the game running in person but from every video I’ve seen it has all the whiz-bang glittery bits that you’d expect from a launch game plus a solid “quarter-muncher” foundation. I CANNOT wait to get my hands on Resogun.

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As a one-TV family there are many nights when the battle royale between Grey’s Anatomy and Grand Theft Auto is waged. My loving and caring wife usually lets me blow off all my steam via gaming, but there are nights when we let Shonda hang out and we listen to her spin her sordid tales of forbidden hospital love. During those nights I either crawl under the covers in the bedroom and cry or I play on my PC. But now with this “improved” level of remote play, in theory I should be able to continue some of my gameplay while she has control of the TV. When the PS4 was announced and the talk of some new level of connectivity between the two devices emerged, it absolutely was one of the main factors in my next-gen purchase. I can only hope that during the life cycle they really put their money where their mouth is on this front because it would really create the ecosystem that many Sony enthusiasts have been looking for.

[y=spEqbZmDcng height=400]

NBA 2K14

Last but certainly not least, is my most anticipated launch game. Putting aside that I’m a huge basketball fan, I really think that 2K Sports is giving gamers its true preview of what console gaming will look like in the future with their title. Their latest video showcases some more of the ridiculous player modeling and detail they’ve been able to achieve and shows how these new consoles open up the possibilities for even more immersive and emotive players on court. Everything from lighting to movement looks like it has gotten a overhaul. Players plant their feet realistically and emote like their real life counterparts. If they can nail the presentation bits and pieces, they can build upon the empire where they already reign.

[y=5BJR6z1W7Ew height=400]

Gamers and critics have been very cynical about any and everything imaginable lately, and I honestly don’t get it. We are about to embark on a new and exciting time, and developers are plugging away on games that we may or may not love but it IS the time in which new ideas are hopefully being formed. Console gamers will have a level of graphic fidelity in their set-top boxes that rivals mid range PC’s for the first time, and will have more options for community connectivity than at any other time in gaming history.

History tells us that both the games and systems that we have will evolve and will add more functionality and hopefully more memorable experiences.  While we have to be smart consumers and hold Sony and Microsoft’s feet to the fire for any launch and post-launch missteps, we should also give them their due props when they do succeed. So with that said I haven’t been this excited since last gen’s launch and I’m hoping that our gaming community will share in that excitement.

Let us know in the comments what games and systems you are excited for and why and I hope to see you all online on launch day. GAME ON!!

Kahlief Adams

Kahlief was born and raised in the Bronx, New York. As an avid technophile and lover of all things video games. He set his career path in the direction of a life making games until he found out his arch nemesis, “Math,” had other plans in store. So instead of making the next Tetris he found himself writing and talking about games on his website The Spawn Point Blog and Spawn On Me. Check out what I'm blabbering about over @kahjahkins on Twitter. PSN = KAHJAH1 XBL=KAHJAHKINS

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  • I am surprised with 2K14……..I want to see it in action before I believe it…

    November 7, 2013 at 7:51 pm

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