OlliOlli Mixes Up A Salad Grind Of Awesome

If you combined the 8-bit motif of an endless runner like Canabalt with the skateboarder based gameplay of a Tony Hawk, what would you get? You would get my latest gaming addiction called OlliOlli. The newest game from developers Roll7 released this past week has been in constant rotation on my Vita system.

OlliOlli satiates all my sensory needs while providing hours of drop in-drop out gameplay with its easy pick up and play feel. A simple control scheme consisting of different holds on the left analog stick will get you started with basic tricks. Adding quarter-circles and pushes of the left or right “triggers” will add spins and more difficult maneuvers to the mix. Doing all this, and hitting the “X” button right when you land will end that particular trick string and get you a combined score.

Performing all these tricks at first was daunting; you quickly learn the cadence of pulling off a move then adding a quick grind to build speed and momentum. This inertia is important both for finishing the level and clearing upcoming gaps in the track.  The learning curve can be steep if you want to complete each level’s task, but man is it satisfying when you do. Seeing your score grow with each perfected trick never gets old and committing each stage to memory so you can get better scores is never tiresome.

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I’m Better Than You

Taking a page from the genius that is Spelunky’s daily challenges Roll7 added their own version for OlliOlli. They even did one better by letting you practice your run before having to take on that particular day’s course.  I’ve found that weirdly no matter how much I practice it adds an extra level of angst to my daily run. I get so nervous trying to put up a good score that I wind up falling on my face way earlier than I’d like, even with that said I’m really happy the option is in there.

The Award For…

Whoever was in charge of music for this game needs to be hugged, promoted and paraded through the Canyon of Heroes. I’ts been a very long time since I’ve played a game where the fusion of soundtrack and gameplay worked so flawlessly together. Pulsating bass-y tracks featuring various genres ranging from Electronic to Bebop Jazz are there to soak in and add to the total experience. If you would like to check out some of the songs go here:

Check out track  number eight “Long Arm” from The Roots, it is by far my favorite and is REDONKULOUSLY DOPE!

Huge shout out to Nick Kosmides for putting this together on Youtube.


People who are looking for a game to pick up on their Vita system must pick this one up. OlliOlli 50/50 grinds its way between accessible for those on-the-go and folks who have been looking for deceptively deep scoreboard climbing play. Roll7 has made a superb game I am excited for what comes next.

If you’ve played OlliOlli, let us know what you think of the game so far in the comments below.

Kahlief Adams

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  • Shockingly, and belated, I say wow thanks! I loved this game, and still in fact do.

    August 26, 2015 at 6:55 pm

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