Spawn On Me 98: That Would Make a Good Book


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This week we welcome Engadget Senior Reporter Jessica Conditt to Brookago
and talk about her journalism journey. Why was Justice Scalia’s gaming
defense an interesting side to his overall legacy? We also explore what
other hip-hop stars we’d like to see play in fighting game tournaments.


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Kahlief Adams

Kahlief was born and raised in the Bronx, New York. As an avid technophile and lover of all things video games. He set his career path in the direction of a life making games until he found out his arch nemesis, “Math,” had other plans in store. So instead of making the next Tetris he found himself writing and talking about games on his website The Spawn Point Blog and Spawn On Me. Check out what I'm blabbering about over @kahjahkins on Twitter. PSN = KAHJAH1 XBL=KAHJAHKINS

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