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Spawn On Me Episode 20: Boo-hooCago

The Bombastic Brothers from Brookago are back together again!  We get sappy as we talk about Kahlief’s pending move to Portland, Cicero’s Cannonball Run and Kojima’s shame. Want an athletic scholarship to an okay college, find out inside. And we FINALLY give props and thanks to those of you who have given us props and thanks!  So much more…


Metal Gear Solid V Trailer

[y=k94Cya_TKWw height=400]

Music Break: Crooklyn Dodgers

[y=opWYnUpNtG8 height=400]

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Cicero Holmes

Cicero is an avid gamer and sports fan masochist of the New York Islanders and New York Knicks. You can follow his poor life choices on twitter @StubbyStan.


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