Spawn On Me Episode 22: Life is Like a Box of IDARB


Brookago gets a new resident in the form of video game developer extraordinaire, Mike J. Mika, maker of the upcoming title #IDARB! We discover that Kahlief and Cicero form a new version of Voltron. Mike describes the brilliance that is #IDARB while giving us pearls from his four decades in the gaming industry. As you can imagine, being in the industry that long affords you the opportunity to meet lots of folks and we hear about ALL of them! Plus Mike and Cicero make a perfect wrestling tag team?

#IDARB E3 Trailer

[y=jMbY24Fj7So height=400]

Duty Calls Bulletstorm Promo

[y=eE_msAKWdOs height=400]

Donkey Kong: Pauline Edition

[y=JeXDNg7scyU height=400]

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Cicero Holmes

Cicero is an avid gamer and sports fan masochist of the New York Islanders and New York Knicks. You can follow his poor life choices on twitter @StubbyStan.

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