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Spawn On Me is Moving (Kinda)


We have some really good news to share with all of you, our show Spawn On Me has been picked up by an awesome podcasting network called ESN.FM. The Electric Shadow Network consists 14 (soon to be 15 -yay!) shows with topics touching everything from movies, comics, tech, interviews and everything in-between. We were really excited to be asked initially to come aboard but after seeing and listening to the quality of the shows on ESN we knew this would be a great place for us to expand Brookago into.


We are always looking to expand our listenership, audience and exposure. Being a part of a network totally helps with that on multiple fronts. We’ll have some avenues to hopefully bring folks from other shows on to Spawn On Me and vice versa. We’ve also been talking A LOT lately about broadening out to attending cons and other events. Being a part of a network totally helps with that too. There are lots of advantages that we’ll be discussing on the show at a later date.


None really, or at least none that affect how you as our dope Brookago fam will see. You won’t have to change any RSS feeds, nor will you have go through any hoop jumping to consume our content. You’ll have a new avenue via ESN.FM once our page and feed is up but that’s about it.


Huge shout out to Moisés Chiullan for giving up at least two first round draft picks to pick us up and having for believing that we should combine our dopeness quotient.

Massive shout out to the Jessica and Anna from Unconsoleable for being our shadow brokers and always being there for kind words, encouragement and ribbing. Now we can throw paper planes at each other from closer distances.

MEGA SHOUT and most important one do each and everyone of you who have listened, followed, subscribed, shared and tweeted anything pertaining to our show. It’s crazy how far we’ve come in a year, this is still just the beginning and we really do truly love and appreciate you all for being our Brookago fam.


Stay tuned for dopeness. It is coming………


Kahlief Adams

Kahlief was born and raised in the Bronx, New York. As an avid technophile and lover of all things video games. He set his career path in the direction of a life making games until he found out his arch nemesis, “Math,” had other plans in store. So instead of making the next Tetris he found himself writing and talking about games on his website The Spawn Point Blog and Spawn On Me. Check out what I'm blabbering about over @kahjahkins on Twitter. PSN = KAHJAH1 XBL=KAHJAHKINS

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