Hitman: Absolution = WOW

Looking at games on the horizon I thought I might do a little refresher on some of the goodness coming our way. One of those games is Hitman: Absolution. Me being a huge Splinter Cell fan kept me away from ever getting into the Hitman series; But after watching this gameplay video I might have to take my first plunge into one of these games. Here is the video:

The updated graphics, amazing lighting and tight camera angles add a level of immersion that I’ve been looking for in a stealth-action game. The AI commentary seems to add a great layer to the gameplay and your “Hitman Vision” looks awesome. I REALLY hope that the action specific music you hear during the helicopter and getaway sequences is in the game. It really adds to the level of badassery you will undertake while resuming your role as the iconic Agent 47.

This game looks amazing. Tell us what you think and if you liked this story hit one of the share buttons below.

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