Spawn On Me Episode 13: A Decoy You Should Trust

We hang out and chat with the folks from Decoy Games about their game Swimsanity. Play a game we like to call “Truth or Frontin'” while discussing some E3 rumors. Chat about why Dr. Dre is a very smart man while telling everyone the truth about videogame football. NFL 2K5 is the best football game evar!!!

If you’d like more information about Decoy Games say hey to them on Twitter.

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Our music break song this week comes from Homeboy Sandman

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IndieCade East Spotlight – Rainbow Bacon Interview

So I walk across the conference floor and see a tall, young man with a crowd around him. I also see a blinking ball of light that resembles a Playstation Move controller. Anytime I see a Move controller it automatically gets me excited and upset at the lack of cool games or ways to interact with one. I move a little closer to the crowd right in time to hear Shawn Pierre say, “Does anyone want to play my game, Rainbow Bacon?”

First of all, I love bacon. And to see how excited the folks in the crowd were upped my interest level tenfold.

Six people emerge from the crowd and split into two teams of three. Pierre plays the role of both ringmaster and participant while he puts the Move controller in the middle of the teams and belts out instructions on how to play the game. “Now remember your color, and remember: two-hand touch is what counts.”

The game starts and the Move controller shines orange. A player from each team runs into the middle and circles the opponent before one of them tries to “steal the bacon” and bring it back to their side without being tagged. Watching grown men and women play this classic schoolyard game brought back so many of my own childhood memories. I had to go and find out what and where the inspiration for this new twist on this old school game came from.

Shawn Pierre, creator of Rainbow Bacon, tells us a little more about it:

[y=F-Fj4ZgOaEE height=400]

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