Girlfriend Mode….Really??

Looks like Borderlands 2 has shot itself both in the head and in the foot.

You can file this story under “here’s some male privilege all up in yo face”. One of the lead developers of the highly anticipated Borderlands 2 refers to the new “Mechromancer” class’s skill tree as “Girlfriend Mode”. The character is supposed to be for new players to the series and has a lot of assists built in to make it easier for people to play the game and learn its systems.

Eurogamer has all the details on this one and you can check their article here:

For a game with such strong and fun female characters to play with, it makes these “personal anecdotes” even more saddening to hear.

Developers have to understand who is buying their games and how the demographics of gaming have already changed. Women are the fastest growing section of the gaming market and have already proven that they can rock a mouse, keyboard or controller with the best of them.

 Stop it already.

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Assassin’s Creed 3 “Frontier” Walkthrough Trailer

After the dust has settled on E3 2012, there are still more goodies emerging from the rubble. Check out Creative Director Alex Hutchinson’s narration on this trailer for one of the generation’s most anticipated games.

The new mechanics and systems seem to show just how different this Assassin’s game will be from anything else in the series. The wildlife might be just as dangerous as the foes you’ll meet throughout the game. Ubisoft’s focus on making this new protagonist the most fluid and environmentally aware in any game might be just what the game and genre needed.

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