Everything you need to know about tomorrow’s PS4 update 1.7

Tomorrow the long awaited 1.7 firmware update for the PS4 goes out into the wild and the lovely folks over at the PS Blog have detailed all the goodies we have coming down the pipe.

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  • Automatic Pre-download: No more waiting until after a game is released to start downloading select pre-ordered games from PlayStation Store. This new feature allows you to get to your games faster by automatically downloading select pre-ordered games up to several days in advance of the release, so that it’s ready to play as soon as the game is released on launch day. There’s also a countdown timer prior to the release of the game so you’ll know how soon your game will be available for you to start playing.
  • Option to Disable HDCP for Games: This highly requested feature will allow you to have the option to turn off HDCP for games so you can capture longer gameplay sessions directly from your HDMI output and export them elsewhere.
  • USB Export Option for Captured Gameplay: It’s now even easier to show off your heroic gaming moments and the SHAREfactory videos you create with the world using this feature to export your videos and screenshots to a USB drive. Just click on the DUALSHOCK 4 SHARE button, save your gameplay on a USB drive, and then share your proudest achievements on other social networks and other video platforms.
  • Live Broadcasting in HD and Archiving Support: We’ve increased the resolution for live broadcasts so you and your friends can watch games livestreamed in 720p HD. You can also archive your broadcasts on Twitch or Ustream and watch them again later.
  • New SHARE Options: We’ve got a number of new SHARE settings that will give you better control of what you want to share with your friends. Here is what you can look forward to:
    • Change the default gameplay recording time in the SHARE menu under Video Clip Settings.
    • Save only the video clips and screenshots you want by selecting Upload Screenshots or Upload Video Clips for each capture. Also upload video clips and screenshots during your live gameplay broadcasts.
    • Select specific Facebook audiences to share each video or screenshot with.
  • New DUALSHOCK 4 Options: New light bar settings have been added for DUALSHOCK 4, allowing you to change it to Bright, Medium or Dim in the Settings menu. The touchpad has also been updated, allowing you to navigate the on-screen keyboard using the DUALSHOCK 4 touchpad.
  • New Friends Options: It’s now easier to find Friends and send requests with the ability to search Friends-of-Friends, view Mutual Friends on another user’s profile, and accept Friend requests directly from the Friends list.
  • New Trophies Sort Option: You can now sort Trophies by rarity in the Options menu.
  • PlayStation Store Payment Support: Similar to PS3, we’re introducing Alternative Payment Methods (APMs) for PS4 for content purchased on PS Store, starting with PayPal support.
  • More PlayStation Camera Commands: More voice commands are added to PlayStation Camera, allowing you to launch the apps installed on your PS4 with the sound of your voice.
  • New PlayStation Plus Icon: For Plus members, you’ll now have the PS Plus icon appear next to your SEN ID on the login screen, home screen and other areas across the PS4 system’s sleek user interface.
  • Music Unlimited SHARE Options: With a Music Unlimited subscription, you can easily share your favorite songs with your friends by pressing the SHARE button on your DUALSHOCK 4.

Additions like options to change the brightness on the Dualshock 4’s light bar, changes to Facebook sharing and HDCP removal show that Sony’s nimbleness and commitment to listening to the fans while new unknown goodies make the system even more interesting.

Download pre-loading, HD broadcasting with archiving, Being able to the recording time in the SHARE menu and more voice commands for the PS camera make everything seemingly come together.

Lots of cool stuff in 1.7, let us know in the comments how they did after you download it.

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Second Son Goes Full Paparazzi With Latest Patch

The gorgeous game from the folks over a Sucker Punch is getting a big update tomorrow and some really cool features are coming for all you Infamous: Second Son players.

The PS Blog reports the features as follows:

  • A handful of localization text changes, and a couple of fixes for rare crashes in the game (Thanks to all of you who uploaded reports on those, they were extremely helpful!).
  • If your controller runs out of batteries in the middle of gameplay, your game will pause. Our art director pulled a hamstring scrambling to get his second controller mid-boss-battle, so we needed to fix this.
  • If you’re choosing expert difficulty, we let you know within the options dialog if you’re qualified for the “Unstoppable” trophy the moment you opt in.
  • Photo Mode.

Along with the options to cap out the FPS at 30 and the ability to change the day/night cycle, the most exciting feature is the new photo mode. I’ve seen a couple of NeoGaf forum posts on how to take hud-less screenshots within Infamous but now with this new photo mode you have a bunch of cool options at your disposal to flood our Facebook feeds with purdy pictures.

Here is a quick walkthough of what you will get tomorrow.

[y=SbkvRpL72mo height=400]

I love to see when developers take some customer feedback and incorporate those things back into the game. I also love when they take those ideas and go the extra mile. Kudos SuckerPunch.

I would love to see what pictures you guys take, If you post any cool pics please send us a shout over at @spawnpointblog.

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Spawn On Me Episode 9: Console Triforce

Science guru, podcaster extraordinaire and Nintendo lover, Shareef Jackson joins us this week. We ask the question on everyone’s mind: What would it take to make the WiiU a console worth owning?.  We also talk about whether Peter Molyneux is a rabble rouser, what the best way to digest episodic gaming, whether we’re tired of the whole Zombie trend in gaming and if we believe MMOs will be successful on consoles. As always, a dope music break, this time brought to you by Teflon Tel Aviv, “My Week Beats Your Year”!

Watch Dogs PC Trailer

[y=aeziHQkRNpQ height=400]

Music Break – My Week Beats Your Year

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 Contact Info:

Email us:,,

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Special Guest host: Shareef Jackson on twitter.

Be sure to check out Shareef’s show, Operation Cubicle

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Spawn On Me Episode 7: I is for Immersion

Episode 7 has the dubious distinction of being the first of our weekly shows.  In it we discuss how you can help us rename our news segment. We show that we’re literary geniuses, talk about what the difference between being a kickstarter backer and a real investor,  play another game of “Mad Tag” (this time Cicero is it), and much more!

Music Break: Quadir Lateef – The Quickening Arts

UPDATE: The Navel Strike DLC for Xbox One has been released but is still not available for PC.

OSU video games study


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Facebook us: Spawnpoint



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Spawn On Me Episode 3: Dave Fennoy Drops The Knowledge



We discuss the Flappy Bird mess, get mad a Hideo Kojima and chat with the incomparable Dave Fennoy “The Voice of Hulu” and Lee Everett of The Walking Dead videogame series.

We chat about everything from Dave’s VO origin story to Jill Scott and even IGN’s Greg Miller’s (@GameOverGreggy) potential as a late night talk show host. Much dopeness in this episode. Let us know what you thought and be sure to follow Dave Fennoy through all his social media outlets.




And check us out over at:





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Beyond:Two Souls Early Access Demo

It looks like Gamestop is running a promotion through Facebook that will let folks gain access to the upcoming David Cage game Beyond: Two Souls.

For those of you that were thinking about picking it up, this might be the perfect way to see if it will be worth your money. A star-studded cast with Willem Dafoe, Ellen Page and Dwayne Wayne, this will be a great swan song for Cage’s game development on current-gen platforms.

Click the picture below for access to the demo, tell us what you thought in the comments below.

[y=c9D1N-MHwog height=400]



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Black Girls Code

BlackGirlsCode’s S.T.E.M Program Might Produce Gamer’s Next “Flower”

Black Girls CODE

(Courtesy of) Black Girls CODE.

I can remember the first time I played a videogame, a small circle figure traveling around a maze chomping on dots captured not only my attention but my imagination. A secret dream I’ve always held on to was to one day make a game of my own. My love of videogames springboarded my love for computers and tech and is the reason you are reading these words on the SpawnPointBlog today.

That same love of all things nerdy is shared by an amazing organization called Black Girls Code. I became aware of them via Twitter and one my favorite shows, “The Melissa Harris Perry Show” on MSNBC. She profiled the group in her “Foot Soldiers” segment titled, “Why Girls Should Be Geeks,” and I knew that at some point I needed to reach out to them.

Well this Saturday, August 17th the New York chapter of BGC along with Hidden Level Games will be holding their first “Make a Game in a Day” class that is a part of their Summer of Code. Any parents out there with young girls should run and be a part of this wonderful program.

To give you a little info on what is going on with BGC and this Saturday class I reached out to Donna Knutt and Peta-Gay Clarke who were kind enough to answer some questions about the program via email.

Check out our interview below:

SpawnPoint: Please introduce yourself and give some background about Black Girls Code.

Donna Knutt (DK): I am Donna Knutt and I’m the Technical Lead for the New York Chapter of BlackGirlsCode. I run my own Web development company right here in New York, and for as long as I can remember, I’ve always been fascinated with code and creating things. When I came across Black Girls Code, I jumped at the chance to be part of such an amazing organization!

Peta-Gay Clarke (PC): I am Peta-Gay Clarke and I am also the Technical Lead for the New York Chapter of BlackGirlsCode. I work as a Technical Analyst for a bank in the heart of New York. I am a graduate student at Pace University and most importantly, I am a mom to an amazing little girl. I first came across Black Girls Code via a facebook post. Once I read what this organization was doing, I thought, “We have to get this program to New York!”

DK & PC: BlackGirlsCode was founded in 2011 in San Francisco by Kimberly Bryant, a Biotechnology/Engineering professional. Kimberly decided to launch BlackGirlsCode to meet the needs of young women of color who were underrepresented in the STEM fields. Programs are geared towards girls ages 7-17 and range from Web Design classes to mobile app development classes, and even trips to tech companies. BGC’s goal is to provide girls with skills in computational reasoning and computer programming. We want to expose them to role models in the tech space and inspire them to become the next generation of tech creators and entrepreneurs. From BGC’s inception to now, much has changed but our mission remains the same: to empower girls of color to make a lasting contribution to society through the science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) industries.

SP: What are some of the classes that BGC has offered in the past?

DK & PC: We’ve had classes such as Build A Webpage in a Day, Mobile App Development, and other programming workshops. We’ve also done national video game challenges across the US with our other chapters in Altanta, Chicago, and San Francisco. The New York Chapter is really excited to launch our very first Game Design Workshop this Saturday Aug 17 at Pace University!

SP:  Can you go into some detail about the Summer of Code “Make a Game in a Day” class? What are some of the rules, and what will be taught? What programs will you be using?

DK & PC: Our “Build a Game in a Day w/ Beta” workshop is this Saturday, August 17, 2013. It’s being held at the Pace University’s Seidenberg School of Computer Science and Information Systems from 10am-4pm. The workshop will focus on game development with Beta! Beta is an arcade puzzle platform designed to make learning how to code more fun. The Beta team of developers which includes folks like, Errol and Patrice King along with Chris Moody created the program to use codePop, a tweet-sized game programming language. Players are given a great deal of control including the ability to create and customize every aspect of their game world. The workshop is designed to encourage student-driven learning, as participants think analytically, design, play, and code in real-time. What’s unique about Beta is that it blurs the line between playing a game and creating a game. So we’re excited to see some of the things that the girls will create and do with Beta. To learn more about Beta! Visit: http://www.betathegame.

SP: Playing and later wanting to make video games proved to be my gateway into technology. What are your hopes for the young ladies going through your programs?

DK & PC: We hope that by introducing our girls to coding and STEM in general at such a young age, that we will help bridge the digital divide and help build their confidence to become tech leaders and creators. We’ve also seen that our girls have built lasting relationships with other participants in the class and those relationships can take them even further in the field.

SP: Did gaming in any way inspire you? If so, what games did you play, are there any that you would “pass down” to any young women you know? Or are there any games out there now that would get them more into tech or programming?

Donna: Gaming definitely inspired me to continue learning code. I was an avid Metal Gear Solid player. I also enjoyed games like Ico and Baldur’s Gate (a lot of RPG stuff). These games inspired me to learn more about coding so I can one day build my own game. I’m happy to see that there are a lot of initiatives out there now to get more kids involved in coding and game development (Beta for example and the Hopscotch app).

Peta: I wouldn’t say gaming inspired me to learn coding but it definitely allowed me to develop a love for technology. For me, growing up, I wasn’t your average girly girl. I think at one point I had every video game system you could imagine… from Atari to Nintendo. However, the game I played the most was on my grandmother’s PC she bought back in the 90’s. It was a Tandy 2000 and it came with a MS-DOS Operating System. It was a Mario-like game but it had a math learning component. I remember being addicted to that game and playing it day-in and day-out.

SP: What advice would you give to young girls who are curious about tech or programming?

DonnaI’d say go for it. Have them ask their parents to sign them up for workshops, and participate in community-driven events where they can meet other curious coders and hack it out together.

Peta: Take a leap of faith. Nothing ventured, nothing gained. At the rate which technology is growing, having a technical skill is imperative today and will be even more so in the near future. Furthermore, technology itself is such a broad area. If not programming, there’s the hardware area, networking area, security area. All areas that at least one member of the New York Chapter has a skill in.

SP:  What are some of BGC’s future goals? What can we look forward to in the future and what other programs will you be providing down the road?

Donna:  Black women make up only 3% of the computing workforce. I experienced that firsthand in my computer science classes in college. I was definitely part of the minority in my classes. So our goal moving forward is to continue to create a space for our girls to thrive in the tech space. We have a responsibility to our girls and as cliché as it may sound, they are our future. So we plan on creating more innovative ways to introduce our girls to STEM, and we plan to continue connecting with community partners to help bridge that divide. There is so much opportunity, especially here in New York City, and we want to make these opportunities available to our girls. We want our girls to be able to say, “I built my first app at 7 and programmed my first robot at 10.” Now wouldn’t that be a nice opener at a job interview?

SP: Lastly can you tell folks where and how they can find more information about BGC?

BGC:  We can be reached at:

Website: http://blackgirlscode.com


Twitter: & for NY updates

For anyone interested in registering their girls for our workshop this Sat. Aug 17, 2013:

To register for future workshop or volunteer with the NY Chapter, email us at

I want to thank Donna and Peta for taking time out of the schedule to be a part of this article on short notice and also for helping being involved in such an important undertaking.

As for what this means for gamers, I will say this: Many people of color have asked, pleaded, and made their voices heard about their representation in not only the games we have now but how we want to be represented in the future, not only on the small screen but in the meeting rooms when these games and concepts are being birthed.

The success of Black Girls Code means many things: a closure of the technology gap, tech workplaces that are even more inclusive than before, and a generation that is more technologically advanced and aware than we ever were. And hopefully while some these young ladies are taking over the world, they will make games that we will all enjoy.

Black Girls Code, thank you for making the world better one young geek at a time!












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PixelJunk’s awesome 4A.M. contest is underway

I rolled on to my Facebook feed yesterday and to my surprise saw that PixelJunk was promoting a really cool contest for their game 4 A.M. If you haven’t heard of it, I posted a overview of the game some time back that had a great interview with Rowan Parker the lead designer of the game. Honestly I think this game’s existence is still the only reason to own a PS Move controller and is one of the best motion/music mash-ups games you can have with that peripheral. It is truly a one of a kind experience that you shouldn’t miss.

They are giving away a PixelJunk customized Sony Pulse Elite Headset and a Move controller signed by the whole 4 A. M. team!

Check their Facebook page for details: 

After seeing this sweet swag I have to get my skills back on point. If you would like to see me perform check out and follow me on PSN under the name KAHJAH1



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The Sound Shapers – Earl_LeeGrave

The “SoundShapers” is a series of articles and interviews that spotlight a different member of the Sound Shapes community weekly. Check out other posts here.

This week’s Shaper has shown a special ability to make a variety of levels that show off the versatility and nimbleness of both the editor and the creator. From intergalactic vistas to symmetrical playgrounds, he has an eye to make all of these ideas come to fruition.

This week’s Shaper is Earl_LeeGrave, and my favorites of his levels are:

“Fail_Jail…Bail? $1” – Reminds me of what working on a car assembly line must be like, in a good way. Every part of the level feels “made” for it. When I use the word “made,” I mean that the parts that make up each section don’t feel like they are made of separate pieces or come from the editor. They each feel whole and complete. Every small tunnel and elevator was concealed in such a way that it made everything feel very organic. I think this is a testament to how good a Shaper Earl is, and he should be applauded.


“Tank_Trust” – Is a pretty quick level but is very well done. Again, Earl’s attention to detail helps to paint a weird otherworldly picture. From the beginning, the level starts with ominous visuals and tones. Cryptic messages fill the screen and propel you toward your first platforming stages. It makes you really wonder what is at the bottom of the rabbit hole. Having played so many Sound Shapes levels, Earl’s usage of some of the editor parts that I don’t see often implemented by other players is really appreciated and shows an “out of the box” mindset on how to make a level.


“Lennut_Repus #ASYM” – I know that in the interview below Earl has given his opinion on which of his creations is his favorite, but I have to say this level is mine. What makes this level top notch is the great use of pacing. You are eased into the board by going through multiple desolate scenes with only haunting vocal chips in the background. It adds so much to the atmosphere in the level and really brings about a sense of anxiousness to get to the meat of the level. Once it kicks in, the melodies fit so perfectly with the visuals that it’s uncanny. The way it progresses shows there was lots of intent on making it this way. I really consider this one of the coolest levels in the community.


Earl took some time out of his schedule to share some info about his background and how he makes his creations.

TSP: Give a little background on yourself and why you decided to play Sound Shapes.

Earl_LeeGrave: Earl_LeeGrave’s real name is Mike… 34 years old,  I live and have lived in Maine my whole life.  Outdoor enthusiast (mountain biking,  snowboarding,  etc),   have DJed house,  tech house,  drum & bass,  and trip hop for many years now.  I have a Bachelors in Graphic Design & Media Arts from Maine College of Art aka MECA.  I currently own a bicycle/backcountry ski shop in Portland, Maine which has continually grown in the 3 years I have co-owned it with my friend.  So far so good!  If you want to check the website and logo I designed it’s:, also on Facebook under Allspeed Cyclery & Snow.

TSP: How do you plan out your levels? (Music first or art)

Earl: Sometimes I dictate the style of music to the visual flow I’ve created. Sometimes it’s vice versa and sometimes I’ll make adjustments as I go. “2_POINT…OH?!” was all about the music when I started. I then based the design and story around sticky ball escaping a futuristic fortress of sorts into nature and then fighting a war between aliens and humans. “BRAINSPLOSION!” was more of a collaborative effort between the music and the design for me. After the new DLC came out, I made a point to utilize all the new elements. I intentionally left enough dead space within the level to be able to place the notes where I wanted to, so I could build the music as well as the design of the level. I had the most fun making “BRAINSPLOSION!”; however, being my first curve-dedicated level, “BRAINSPLOSION!” was an appropriate title; the new curves are not the easiest elements to work with, but are fun!

TSP: Do you make your levels on the PS3 or Vita? What are your favorite levels that you’ve made and why?

Earl: PS3… I’m so used to the controls of PS3 and the zoomed in bigger screen for MAD detail YO, plus I’m plugged into a few decent speakers that I can crank!   To be completely honest, I don’t have one of those little fancy gizmos… I think the rest of my life would be gone and dedicated to SS if I had a Vita!  Queasy… should I sell my business and head to Canada? haha

“BEEJOOLED! #GRAV” was one of my favorite levels to make. It started out as a shout out to some of the friends I’ve been making in the SS community (TheBeejAbides & jool2306) and also to incorporate the “Gravity” theme of the week. It allowed me to be extra creative rather than stick to my usual style. The engagement box was falling through the world, while egg man chased it to the altar. Another level that I’d say is a favorite of mine is the HCL inspired by Daftbomb, called “COFFIN_HOPPER – HCL”. It seemed like he wanted other HCL’s to come out and nobody was doing it. I almost considered it as a sort of theme of the week. It’s super hard to play and it was super hard to make, there are no resets, but I had a blast making it.

TSP: What is the favorite level you’ve played and why?

Earl: I’m assuming this question is loaded. There are too many, so I’ll try and pick levels that I’ve played most recently. “Center of the Earth” by TetraGenesis. It seems similar to my style (underground, tunnels) but done very well, with textures, shadows and composition. Really great. Music was clean and sharp and it was super fun to play. I also really liked “Face it and listen” by Gezouten. Great beats, awesome graphic design, precise detail, very modern/minimal delightfulness! “Space Monster” by sukakika: nuts! reminds me of the insanity of me, and so well designed, real organic but not flawless. It was a lot of fun to play. Beautiful title page that wasn’t involved in the game, weird good stuff.

TSP: Any tips or tricks that you’ve learned?

Earl: Many times when I’m designing something very detailed after I’ve already laid out a lot of the level, I’ll step out into the white to work on it (such as text, or an egg man! 🙂 then I’ll just copy and paste and drag it in. That way, while I’m designing it, I can see the image/text without all of the chaos of the level and since I’ve made a copy, I mess it up from alterations after I moved it into the level, I can always go back and make another copy and I won’t have to start from scratch with all that detail.

Also, when you’re designing a level and you make a screen or two, you have to play it over and over before you continue. It will help you figure out where you’re going, be it design, music, whatever. The flow of those two screens usually tells me if I want to keep designing to the left or to the right, up into the sky, or underground, how hard it is to play, etc.

TSP:  What would you like see added to the game in future updates that would make your creations even better.

Earl: More unique, low-memory shapes and red evil goons, more bass line packages and wacky sounds!

BOOM… if you could, Spawn Point, a “few” other quick shouts out for those creators with sick design and sound that stick out in my brainsplosion at the moment!  old_poptarts, redespair, tonytough, gasssst, sleeester, guycohen2, outtooman, mercuryant, gemuvan, threepwoodsin, sephiroth_brazil, bluebebleu, indoor_squid, dustinisgood, iwillforget, reinokid, oh-yeah ps, retrosteveuk, cloudtheknight, pikathon, flashquickster… and many more believe it or not!

Before I sign off, I want to thank each and every Shaper for being a part of this amazing series. I have been extremely fortunate to have made new friends and gaming buddies through this. I’ve spoken with people from all over the world from so many different walks of life. It’s been so fun to get a peek into the lives of so many wonderful gamers. A very special thank you to one of the most innovative and special gaming devs in gaming today Queasy Games. Your ability to create such a great game and bolster the community by giving them both the tools and a true voice for feedback is what makes this game and your company very special. I really appreciate everything you’ve done to help my share my blog and it’s meant the world to a budding blogger like me.

I am extremely sad that the #SoundShapers series ending but excited for what comes next and hope that all of you fine folks that have come back every week continue to check in on us and share the love. Without all of you we wouldn’t be here and are eternally grateful.

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sherry jenix

UPDATE- SherryJenix Misses the Point… Again

I follow many folks in the gaming community on social media. I appreciate what they bring not only to our favorite medium, but also what they do to help grow and expand the communities that we all inhabit.

What I don’t appreciate is the misogyny, sexism, and racism that has permeated online gaming within the past ten years. It is a cancer that is ruining gaming for everyone involved but shows no sign of slowing down. I bring this all up because during my usual nightly Instagram crawl I came across this photo from fighting game community member Sherry “SherryJenix” Nhan.


I had to double take for a moment because besides being a great player, Jenix is pretty well-known in the fighting game scene for breaking down some of the barriers that have befallen many of the women combatants in a super male-dominated field. She has gone to all the tournaments, performed extremely well, and has gotten enough exposure that she was even asked to help debut Street Fighter Cross Tekken in Capcom’s Cross Assault “reality show” earlier this year.

It has become more and more difficult for gamers of color, women, and members of the LGBT community to game without the need to cordon themselves off in muted match limbo or party chats because the rest of the world hasn’t grown up. We’ve gotten to the point that even the good guys are being attacked by other members of the community for speaking out against bigotry. A couple of recent examples include Anita Sarkeesian getting trolled while trying to address some of the video game stereotypes that involve women, and the Gamers Against Bigotry pledge site getting hacked and all petition signatures erased.

What I wonder is, why did she feel like this was ok? It’s not funny for many reasons and does nothing to further the push to make the FGC more inclusive or help remove the societal stereotypes that come along with being part of a specific group.

Knowing how hard I and others root for women like her is what makes this incident so upsetting. We all know where the word that she used derives from, and at this point no one needs to use it or any remixed version of it. The Hip-Hop’s community’s co-opting of this word has enabled people to use a historical epithet like it’s an ok thing.  I don’t agree with its use in either case; I would like to start the process of removing it from everyone’s lexicon.

I’m sure Sherry thought this was supposed to be a joke, one that you can just flippantly post on the web and think that people don’t care. Maybe next time she will use her stature and platform to promote something we can all get behind and not this kind of ignorance.

Tell us what you think in the comments below.


So after some initial blowback in the comments section of the above photo Nhan issued a Twitter post that initially defends her “joke” by stating that people need to “get a sense of humor”

Which lead some folks in the community to jump on the “well a black dude started it” bandwagon:

Which then lead to this badly worded apology:

“To those who got offended, I apologize”.

Not that she actually felt any remorse for what she said or repeated, not that she took responsibility for posting racially insensitive things but she is sorry that you didn’t get the joke.

The thing that I find most problematic is the co-signing to things that really shouldn’t be co-signed. We as gamers need to use our words in ways that aren’t destructive. We need to tell our fellow gamers when they step out of line and need to educate them on why.

Although she took the photo down, blocked folks who were offended and made her Instagram account private it doesn’t change the fact that she and other people still feel like this is an ok thing to do, you can see some of this even in the comments below.

People need to understand that great power carries great responsibility. Let her know what you think @sherryjenix

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