Saints Row 4 is coming August 23rd

I usually don’t post news stories like this but I had to spread the word for those that didn’t see the announcement. One of my favorite games of last year is coming back and it looks to be crazier than ever.

Many folks wondered what would happen to the franchise after the acquisition of the IP by Deep Silver (makers of Dead Island). It looks like they let the folks at Volition do what they do best, make over-the-top games.

The best news is that we don’t have to wait that long for all this madness. It releases August 23rd, anyone want to buy me a early birthday present 🙂

Check out the trailer via here:

[y=Gg4qphd3S_0 height=400]

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Remember Me Announced From Capcom

While many of us were sleeping here stateside Capcom announced a new and interesting IP at Gamescom called Remember Me. Formerly known as Adrift, this game has you take the role of a “Memory Hunter” named Nilin. With part of your memory erased you find the tables turned in which you were once the hunter and now you are the hunted.

The game mixes third person traversal with some stylized hand-to-hand combat and looks to be set in a futuristic Paris. So far I really like what I’ve seen of the gameplay.

Here is a look:

[y=m82AF52mFi4 height=400]

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