4 AM Is When Everything Gets Interesting.

Have you ever wanted to orchestrate music real time with thousands or even millions of people as your audience? Have you ever dreamed of being one of those DJ’s in a rave party with music at your fingertips? If so, I think I might have found the game for you. The wonderful folks at Pixeljunk have come up with a really cool game called 4 A.M.

The game is equal parts musicĀ manipulatorĀ and music visualizer. You control everything with the Playstation Move controller. Bouncing from four tracks, looping in samples, waggling in drums and other sounds was easy and intuitive. The trance-like music I played with in the demo fit along with the “Rez-like” visuals on screen. Tutorials were easy to understand and taught on the fly while composing my performances and anytime you start a performance it’s broadcast to anyone who is playing the game at the time. You get feedback on how much people like what you are doing via a “Kudos” system that shows rising bars on the bottom of your screen. It’s actually pretty awesome trying something during a track and seeing whoever is watching react to it in real-time.

For now here is a video that shows you better than I can tell you. Look out for a review coming shortly.

[y=dd92NrB1bEU height=400]

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