Spawn On Me Episode 45: Da_Anniversary

52 weeks! Brookago was founded one year ago & we celebrate the only way we know how…with a BANG! OG YouTuber and basketball aficionado turn NBA2K15 developer, Da_Czar visits Brookago! He talks his origin story, how he got hooked up with 2K sports and what it feels like to be in a video game!  We talk more sports and ponder if sports games should actually be a service. We laugh too… A LOT! Plus, we hear all of the well wishes from former guests & from YOU!!!



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First Look at NBA2K15 Gameplay

October is right around the corner and we now have some games to talk about. The fine folks over at 2Ksports have finally shown us what actual 5 on 5 game play will look like on their newest game NBA2k15. With all the new animations, theatrics and pizazz, they might have the sports game of the year again. Take a look below and let us know what you think.


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New NBA 2K15 Gameplay Trailer


It looks as if the folks over at 2K Sports have done it again with an amazingly gorgeous trailer.

[y=r_cRqUP9jiU height=400]

Some quick things to notice:

  • Fidelity looks like it’s taken a significant bump up
  • Player faces had been improved
  • Atmosphere in pre-game looks awesome with more variety
  • In-between animations have been given some more love as well.

It looks like the 2K crew isn’t resting on it’s laurels on this one. Tell us what you thought of the trailer below.

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NBA 2K15 – First Look At Kevin Durant

2K Sports has finally given us a look at NBA2k15’s next gen cover boy in all his next genny glory.

[y=Rh2_OmnUs4w height=400]

It’s a super short but sweet vid and doesn’t really provide much but some really great shoulder sweat modeling. We’ll update when we see more goodies.

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Screen Shot 2014-07-14 at 9.33.51 AM

Spawn On Me Episode 21: This is Ian Danskin

Kahlief and Cicero are back from their mini hiatuses and have an awesome show for you. In this episode we are joined by the creator of the viral video “This is Phil Fish” Innuendo Studio’s own Ian Danskin. We a dig a little into why “internet culture” is making monsters of us all and how segregated e-sports leagues might not be a bad thing to combat misogyny.

We run down some of the games we’ve been playing and run through our latest installment of True Fronts October release date edition.

This is Phil Fish

[y=PmTUW-owa2w height=400]


[y=e2Xg580Pi1M height=400]

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*UPDATE* Wanna See Some EA UFC Demo Gameplay?

*UPDATE* The fine folks at EA have provided some much needed tutorial videos that you should all check out to be the best demo fighter EVAR, Check them out here:

EA UFC is absolutely one of my most anticipated titles for this year and after playing the demo tonight I have to say that my want for this game has gone through the roof.

Here’s the video!

[y=Y3wHgeYTTtI height=400]

Some quick impressions:

  • Fighters have nice weight to their movement and strikes.
  • The graphic fidelity is ABSOLUTELY next-gen, this might have overtaken NBA 2K14 as the best looking sports game on console.
  • The commentary is totally spot on as well, Rogan’s signature yells are all over this.
  • In the three fights I’ve been in, they all were very different. Lots of variety in strikes, takedowns and strategies.
  • I haven’t figured out how to “chase down” a stunned opponent and the submission mechanics are still a little obtuse.
  • The tutorial is very well done and will be necessary for you to be a great fighter.

I can’t wait for you all to play this demo, this might be a contender for sports game of the year if everything else comes together.

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Snap the 1st Pick of the NFL Draft

This is America.  America means football. Today is day one of the NFL amateur draft. You can watch it on TV or you can watch the Big Bang Theory  and the season finale of Grey’s Anatomy. If you enjoy not sleeping on the couch your significant other would appreciate you choose the latter.  If this conundrum exists for you and you have an Xbox One, fear not! Xbox and the NFL have a solution for you. Snap the NFL app on your Xbox One and follow the NFL draft from there.

The Draft Tracker will, uh, track the draft live all weekend long.  If you miss any of the action, previous picks can be highlighted while still watching all of the live footage. Additional analysis and game footage will be given for each player picked. 


“Our NFL experience currently features a large volume of NFL Draft videos and analysis, with new video content arriving daily,” executive producer of Sports at Xbox David Jurenka said.  “The control we give to fans is what makes our system unique. If your team drafts Johnny Manziel and you want to see some clips of him, you can just jump in and do that. We’re taking what has traditionally been a passive TV experience and making it interactive and personalized.”

Prior to the draft team and player analysis, including mock drafts will be made available via the NFL app.  The NFL and Xbox giving you more TV for your TV!


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EA Sports UFC Will Feature A Handsome Bald Black Man

I will fully admit, I’m still a newbie to the UFC. I don’t have all the moves, transitions and takedowns memorized yet. I don’t know who the rising stars are, but I do know that every time I watch a Pay-Per-View the air around me is electrified with the anticipation of seeing something awesome.

EA Sports has  figured a way to bottle that feeling with their newest game. Creative Director Brian Hayes doesn’t sound like a stuffed suit when he narrates their development blog videos. Brian comes across in the videos as if in another life he would have loved to be one of these fighters. He seems to totally understand what systems are being implemented, and how those systems connect the real life UFC and their game. More importantly he shares how those connections are going to make UFC a fun game to play.

ufc 1

This latest video delves into what it will be like to create your own UFC superstar. Moving your fighter from the “Ultimate Fighter” basement to the big time in the Octagon, all while gaining new techniques, fans and fight strategies. One of the things that got me the most excited was the return of EA Gameface, a creation tool that lets you use your console’s camera to put yourself in the game. So get ready for the return of my online presence “Liefy Greens” to take on the rest of the UFC roster and regain my prominence as the World Champ! Check out the trailer below and let us know what you think.

[y=RycMPTFD_n4 height=400]

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dwight howard-nba-2k14

Listen to Dwight Howard And Others Mumble Intensely With NBA 2K Real Voice

2K Sports dropped another cool video today that highlights another feature coming to the next-gen version of their basketball game. Capturing over 600 interviews with NBA players and coaches. NBA 2K14 will add some much needed flair to their halftime and postgame presentation.

It looks really dope and I hope that some of the interviews that they captured transition seamlessly between the season and playoffs when emotions are high. I wonder if they’ve included any situational audio in the mix or suppose you are the player of the game and you hit the winning shot, would you get different interviews and audio for that? Now THAT would be awesome. Check out NBA 2K “Real Voice” in the trailer below.

[y=3r7gt40Q1d0 height=400]

Pretty cool right? I think they could totally expand on this and make it even better year after year. My only real hope though is that we somehow get this into the game:

[y=1F4W0R1Zr_8 height=400]


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NBA Live 14 5-On-5 Gameplay Trailer Is Underwhelming.

So after the craziness that ensued after 2KSports dropped their “OMG” trailer yesterday, we all waited to see what EA had in store for us. Well here is their trailer for their upcoming title.

Check it out here:

[y=E9xaRywnnQI height=400]

From what they showed in that trailer, the game is lacking in all the places you expect a next-gen sports title to be high on. Players look like they are made of clay, movement looks stiff and jerky. Some of the player models look good but their shooting forms and hands look like they are attached to marionette strings.

I would still have to play it to give it a full review and opinion but from what they just showed, things don’t look good for the already struggling franchise. You can’t bring something back from the dead just to kill it again. What is this NBA Live Cemetary?

Then again maybe 2k14 did all the killing yesterday.

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