The Beautiful Game

We live in amazing times: we can¬†instantaneously communicate pretty much with anyone we want to, go further and faster than any of our ancestors could have ever imagined. We have the capacity to literally have the world at our fingertips. I had a discussion with a friend of mine and he griped and complained about how awful this generation’s games are; he cried foul about how terrible Skyrim looked on his console and how this year produced the most “flops” of any previous year. As I always do, I take his opinions with a salt lick amount of salt, but it made me think about just how spoiled some of us are and just how far we’ve come.

The amount of tech that has been invented and implemented just for our enjoyment has gone leaps and bounds past anything my late 70’s baby brain could have ever imagined. Videogames have truly become not only a vehicle for storytelling but a device to exhibit art and evoke emotion. Emotions that are just as unique and visceral as the ones that we get when interacting with our human brethren.

So with that as a backdrop I decided to take a look around the web for some images that would counteract my friend’s argument about not only Skyrim but about this generation’s graphical fidelity. I came across a site today that not only shut those allegations down but also gave me the utmost respect for the artists in gaming development. The people who make something out of nothing using binary code, the people who can dream up worlds and characters that live somewhere in their amazing brains. These people deserve their due and hopefully in some way we as gamers can give that to them. I can only imagine what is next for us. I can hardly wait.

So if you are ever asked the question “Are games art?” This can be your answer:

I want to thank the site Dead End Thrills and give the massive credit to it’s founder¬†Duncan Harris for creating such masterpieces. Send them a shout out here and let them know we sent you.

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