Spawn On Me 107: Raspberry PooBeret


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This week the boys sit down prolific Super Mario Maker savant GrandPooBear

to talk about getting partnered and how Twitch monetization is a weird and
wacky thing. How does he deal with this love/hate relationship with

We dig into the nitty gritty of PS4 Neo rumors. Talk about the ending of an
era with the Xbox 360 going out of production. Share some Aurion: Legacy of
the Kori-Odan impressions and finish up with the question, “What does it
take to make a classic remake”.

Listen closely for a special tribute to a legendary artist whom we recently

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Spawn On Me 106: The Balancing Act



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We dig into changes to The Division in its latest and most significant
patch yet and discuss how exploits might be ruining some of the most
important features of the game. Rounding out the show, we talk about
favorite incidental dialogue and hidden gems that have come to light in a
classic game.


Show Notes

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Spawn On Me 105: Feet Firmly Plante-d


Listen Here! (1:55:06)

This week, we’re lucky to have Polygon co-founder and current The Verge
senior editor Chris Plante in the house! Not only do we talk about his
current work at the Verge and his time at Polygon, but we also delve deeper
into his beginnings as a writer. Did you know that Chris is a pro wrestling
savant? We then break down our impressions on new games Miitomo and Quantum
Break. We also get some surprising revelations when we talk about Sony’s
new controller for a disabled gamer.

Show Notes


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Spawn On Me Episode 104: Brookago the Newsie


Listen Here! (1:53:53)

It’s all about news this week in Brookago. Shareef, Cicero, & Kahlief have
lots of feelings about myriad topics. We express our feelings about
Blizzard characters and Nintendo’s personnel issues. Whether we’re talking
about what it means that Xbox One is opening up their console to amateur
developers or how viable a Playstation “4.5” is…we have varied and
passionate feelings that absolutely must be heard.

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Spawn On Me Episode 102: On The Road Again


Listen Here! (1:59:24)

This week we bring you a very special show. All three members of the crew
are on location:Kahlief & Shareef are hanging out in lovely San Francisco
at GDC, while Cicero is out in the wilds of C2E2 in Chicago. Get ready for
lots of awesome conversations this week with developers, comic artists, and
much more!

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Spawn On Me Episode 101: The Division 101

Listen Here! (1:24:55)

We take Brookago to school this week, and you’ll learn a little bit more
than you may have wanted to know about your hosts. We also dive deep into
the first AAA game to be released this year, Tom Clancy’s The Division. A
game this big needed a an extra voice to make sense of it all so we brought
in our friend and host of The Show Radio, Andrew Alliance!

We do our best to break down the highs and lows of our early impressions of
this giant game and round the show out by giving you our tips on how to
become the best Division agent you can be. If you’ve been on the fence
about the game or just curious about it, pull up a seat, open your notebook
and sit up straight. Class is in session!

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Spawn On Me Episode 100: Keepin’ it 100!

Listen Here! (1:40:17)

After 2+ years of podcasting, we’ve finally reached the 100th show
milestone. What better way to celebrate than to bring on one of our
favorite writers from one our favorite outlets.Laura Hudson of Wired,
Slate, and the sadly now-defunct OffWorld joins us this week in Brookago. We
dig into the impact that Offworld has had on gaming journalism and
storytelling, what it was like to team up with Leigh Alexander to foster
this space for diversity, and how these stories affect the gaming landscape
for the future.

In our Breakdown we talk about the beauty of inactivity, and how Zelda has
forever changed the way games are made.


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99: Games – From Alphas to Betas to Brookago

Listen Here! (1:45:33)

This week Kah, Cee, and Reef do nothing but talk about the games that
they’re playing and why they’re important. It’s always important to us to
bring you the biggest and brightest names in the gaming space. We want to
talk to them about the games they’re making and how the industry has
affected us all in unique ways. We only have a finite amount of time to
edutain every week, so something usually has to go. Most of the time we
spend more time talking about gaming news than the actual games themselves. Well, not this week!

We start by having some exclusive discussion about Epic’s upcoming Paragon, and we end it by talking about the open beta of Tom Clancy’s The Division. Plus, we talk about all of the hot titles that have been released in between! Gamers talking about games in the latest episode of Spawn On Me!

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Spawn On Me 98: That Would Make a Good Book


Listen Here! (1:29:58)

This week we welcome Engadget Senior Reporter Jessica Conditt to Brookago
and talk about her journalism journey. Why was Justice Scalia’s gaming
defense an interesting side to his overall legacy? We also explore what
other hip-hop stars we’d like to see play in fighting game tournaments.


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Spawn On Me 97: Dreaming Big With Media Molecule


Listen Here! (1:59:45)

We come back this week with a monster show featuring two of the minds
behind the hit games Little Big Planet and Tearaway. Media Molecule
Co-Founders/Technical Directors, Alex Evans & David Smith hang with us in
Brookago to discuss how game development has changed over their 10 years in
the industry. What it takes to make games that balance tech and whimsy.
Finally, we try to break down the limitless aspects of their upcoming game
Dreams and get some exclusive info in the process.


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