96: Underdog Gaming Rules

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One of the things that we most love to do here in Brookago is to spotlight

those who do phenomenal work, but who may not have the visibility that they
deserve. One such person is blogger, podcaster, Twitchcaster and
entrepreneur Brandon Stennis, aka UGRGaming!


We talk to Brandon about his involvment with the fantastic Twitch Chicago
meetup, his amazing Twitch streams, and how he’s able to find the time to
do all that he does and also sleep! This week Reef & Cee break down some
news too! We talk about what Offworld is doing now. We also talk about how
Nintendo remains economically viable and how economically viable the
African game development market truly is. Finally, we get a chance to talk
about some of the most recent games we’ve been able to play!

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Spawn On Me Podcast 95: Drawn to Jaffe


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Brookago is a very special place. It’s where you hear conversations that
are rarely heard in the gaming space. This week we breathe even more
rarified air when the outspoken wunderkind David Jaffe comes to town!

We get to talk about the new Playstation 4 exclusive from him and his
studio (Bartlet Jones Supernatural Detective Agency), Drawn to Death. We,
of course, talk about David’s storied history in game design. But Brookago
is a place where people can show how versatile they truly are, and David
does not disappoint!



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Spawn On Me 94: Teamwork Makes The Dream Work


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The terrific trio is together with the Communications Director of National Network of Abortion Funds Jenni Kotting. We chat about what the NNAF has been doing since #S4G2. We find out about Jenni, why Chicago hot dogs are an abomination, and why she can’t stop playing Fallout 4. We break down why drugs are bad…but necessary. Why aren’t there sexy man butts in games? We talk about the games industry in Iran. Plus…Donald Rumsfeld is a game designer? Welcome back to Brookago!

Show Notes!!

Ben Kutchera talks getting older

Feminist Frequency talks about butts

Gaming in Iran

Donald Rumsfeld made a game?

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Spawn On Me Podcast 92: Brooklyn Gamery vs. Thumb Thugs



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The first new episode of the new year is a special one! We welcome the
great developers from Brooklyn Gamery and get to talk about their upcoming
Game Developers Of Color Expo! They go over the challenges of starting an
expo as well as how the this fantastic studio came into existence. We then
move into news, where we talk about our gaming resolutions, as well as what
we expect in the world of virtual reality. We talk about Spawn4Good2,
taking place on MLK weekend. Plus: Lady Gaga and Intel team up to end
harassment…but will anyone care? This and much more, in the latest episode
of Spawn On Me!


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Spawn On Me Podcast 91: A Brookago Retrospective



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The new year is upon us, and it only felt right for us to get a bit
introspective. On this very special episode, Kah & Cee take a look back on
the amazing year that was 2015 in Brookago. We compiled some of the most
poignant, thought provoking, and absolutely hilarious moments from our
shows and present them to you. Whether you’re a lifelong Brookagoan,
freshly moved-in tenant, or just taking in the sights, this episode is a
perfect example of what makes Spawn On Me unique and exceptional!

Links to the shows in this episode.

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Spawn On Me Episode 90: How The Swatter Stole Christmas

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This week Kahlief, Cicero and Shareef welcome writer Jason Fagone to
Brookago to talk about his amazing New York Times Magazine piece about how
a lone cop took down a serial swatter. During this super light news week we
also chat about the success of Geoff Keighley’s Game Awards and Peter Moore
taking control of EA’s new Esports divsion.


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Spawn On Me Podcast 89: Tombs, Tomes, and Treasures



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Deep below the streets of Brookago exist ancient artifacts and trinkets.
The best way to find and then navigate these caverns is to get with some of
the people that helped Lara Croft navigate tombs in the sublime Rise of the
Tomb Raider. We’ve got two of the narrative designers on the game, Cameron
Suey and John Stafford! We talk about their work on Riseas well as their
previous work together (Hint: It was a long time ago in a galaxy far, far
away). Cicero reviews Rainbow Six: Siege, and Shareef Jackson talks about
his early experience with Assassin’s Creed: Syndicate. Lots more stuff
happens as the gang is all here for this episode of Spawn On Me!


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Spawn On Me Episode 86: No Games for You


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Cee has to bring in two guests to fill the void left by Kahlief’s absence.
He’s lucky enough to have both Quinn Murphy and TreaAndrea Russworm return!
They talk about all the games that have released in the last few weeks and
what they think of them. They also get Brookago prepared for the holidays
by suggesting what is hot to buy this holiday season. After the break, they
get down and dirty discussing the kerfuffle that is the Kotaku blacklisting
scandal. Check it out!


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Spawn On Me Episode 85: Malcolm-Jamal Warner, Robotech And Poo



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We snag one of our favorite Twitch streamers to join us in Brookago this

week. GrandPooBear joins us to chat about what it takes to be an awesome
streamer. He tells us how got into the business and what Twitch can do to
stave off the up and comers while catering to a more diverse audience. We
also dig into how Poo is becoming a major player in the Mario Maker


Rounding out the show is our discussion about what got us excited from
Paris Game Show. A new study that says women are buying more consoles then
men and Cicero gives us his review of Frontier Games collosal space epic
Elite Dangerous.


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84: AppleCider Makes Everything Better

justice points


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This week we’re joined with half of the amazing crew of the Justice Points

podcast. AppleCiderMage hangs with us to talk about their show. We hit
gaming through the lens of intersectional feminism and the SXSW harrasment
panel debacle. PewDiePie talks Youtube Red and Batman: Arkham Knight is
still broken on PC. Check out this awesome episode and share!


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