Here’s our Tokyo Game Show Roundup

Tokyo Game Show is in full swing and some pretty awesome news, videos and tidbits have already been released to the staved gaming public. Although the show isn’t over here are some of the bigger stories to come out of the land of the rising sun in the past 24 hours.


We get a look at the new Ai-Buddy system that will be put into The Phantom Pain. In a 20 minute walkthrough/demo we see the series’ newest character named “Quiet” take multiple trips around the map providing cover sniper fire to Snake while he takes out baddies. Besides the gorgeous visuals on both the new character and landscape we once again see how beautiful the Fox Engine is. I’m really excited in how they even implemented some free climbing aspects to the gameplay that is going to add some much needed verticality to the series. Take a look at the video below:

[y=HUKoMjUIwyw height=400]

Bloodborne Stabs It’s Way Into Our Hearts

The Dark Souls offspring is coming to PS4 soon, if you wanted a good look at how this upcoming title is going to play here is a 30 minute demo to satisfy you bloodlust. It’s kind of standard fair but you do get to see the new philosophy at work here. This game isn’t about “turtling”, you want and need to be offensive minded when playing this. Here is your sneak peek below:

[y=RvFGQ-tie-o height=400]

Silent Hills’ Concept Video Steals The Show

In what looks like the most amazing crap your pants trailer for a game I’ve ever seen, Silent Hills from Hideo Kojima and Guillermo Del Toro we see every abomination and combination of yucky, ick filled permutations you can think of. Need a head with maggots falling out? Check. Oh just a big ass hand stalking you down a narrow hallway? Got ya. If they can match the visuals in this video they will have a game that out scares the scare champion Outlast.

[y=owrZHQFjt98 height=400]

If there are any more revelations we’ll update this post to reflect that but even if these are the only things we see, I would say that the show was a success. Oh man, I can’t wait for Silent Hills……

Kahlief Adams

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