The Xbox One Beta Ends March 11th!

Microsoft released their Xbox One console on November 22. Like many other owners of the console, I have enjoyed my experience but not without some reservations. Party chat works intermittently and 100% of the time entering a party chat requires the user to turn party chat on once accepting the invite. The bottom line was that there were many things that weren’t broke on the Xbox 360 that Microsoft decided to “fix” for the Xbox One. It was almost as if early adopters of the Xbox One were beta testing the console ala Google’s gmail except that Xbox owners paid a $500 premium. Well good news, everyone! Microsoft is prepared to fix many of the problems with their second operating system update of the console’s life on March 11th.

 The Xbox One’s February update introduced a battery indicator for your controller and easy data management for games. The March update, scheduled to coincide with the generation’s first must have title, Titanfall, will reintroduce features found on the Xbox 360. The much maligned party chat is seeing the most attention. Users will now be able to invite gamers to the party, to a game, or to both. And when you join the party, chat will be turned on by default! The Friends list also is seeing some revamping. Gone are the days of drilling down to actually get to your friends list. Your friends will be prominently featured in the first panel of the Friends app, with your favorite friends appearing first. Also being making a return appearance is the “recent players” list, allowing gamers to connect with users with whom they shared a memorable experience.

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Twitch Integration

The much ballyhooed Twitch live broadcasting was removed from Xbox’s list of features just days before the console’s release with the powers that be saying that they were planning something very special for the Twitch/Xbox integration. On March 11th, that special day will have arrived. Saying “Xbox Broadcast” will instantly allow you to start live streaming your gameplay session. Broadcasters can even allow followers to join the current game and/or join a party chat with the broadcaster. Twitch viewers will also have access to the service entire live library and the user’s broadcast archives, unlike other consoles. By all accounts this sounds like the most robust offering of the Twitch service to date.

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Friend of the site, Richard Koh, took the time to provide in depth details of the March update. Check them out here.

How have you enjoyed your Xbox One beta experience? Happy it’s coming to an end? What else would you like them to implement on the system? Let us know in the comments.


Cicero Holmes

Cicero is an avid gamer and sports fan masochist of the New York Islanders and New York Knicks. You can follow his poor life choices on twitter @StubbyStan.

  • RobLoPR

    I have enjoyed every second of my Xbox One experience… From Battlefield 4 to Zumba with the wife… yes there are bad moments but this is technology at its greatest… i love watching TV and getting a friend invite or getting a Video Chat call on Skype and being able to answer and still play my game… Xbox will be the superior console by the end of the year… mark my words.

    March 3, 2014 at 4:32 pm
  • Droidanomix

    But when will skype snapping happen???

    March 3, 2014 at 5:46 pm
  • Steph

    While a lot of stuff should have been in at launch, it’s great how much they listen to feedback and update the console.

    March 3, 2014 at 8:40 pm

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