Xbox One March Update Details…

Special thanks to Richard Koh for compiling this list:

Ability to turn off hand gesture while watching video.
System settings:
Option to update controller.  Only thru USB connected to console. (For headset adapter, and controller adjustments.)
Display and Sound:
Bitstream format now available, (Dolby digital & dts digital option)
Hdmi audio now has 5.1,7.1(uncompressed) and bitstream out.
Optical audio has bitstream out.
Tv & Oneguide:
Tv setting 50hz for cable/satellite/tv boxes.
Kinect volume adjust increments by voice. 1 – 10
Surround sound beta option for tvs that support it
Power & Startup:
Instant on out of BETA
Party chat:
Auto turn on when starting party chat instead of enabling it manually.
Can select to invite into party & game, party or just game individually. The option to cross game chat is back. When party chat is snapped on the side you can see who you are chatting with in the current game that you are playing as well as other friends that are in the chat. similar to the 360 version except its divided along the panel. players in chat and game on top half others are below. Option to Require invite to join party there.
Friends list:
Navigation side panel with all, favorite, followers & recent players on the upper top. At the bottom they have find someone  my profile and messages. Depending which of the top 4 u choose it will show up in a panel where the activity feed was. Now the activity feed has been moved over to the left.
Activity feed has been updating more quickly then usual. ( 3
When selecting a friend and going to their profile you can select to join their party, game or both
Home page:
Friends panel also has a shows number of friends online as well as broadcasting. Prepping for the twitch app update coming March 11
Voice commands:
When saying Xbox broadcast, twitch app opens up. ( Broadcasting will probably start when twitch app updates.
Options to start or close broadcast are new voice commands.
Other Notes:
Notice xbox employees are testing the the updated twitch app broadcasting with certain games like peggle 2, cod:ghosts, bf4 from what i noticed.
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