Life for people of color is never easy. It’s never been more apparent than it is the upcoming title Easy Level Life. ELL creator Yvvy joins us to talk about the impetus for making the game, why it was necessary, and Yvvy’s love for all things JRPG. We get back to breaking down the news by talking about Pokémon GO and the Oculus Rift, and Cicero disappears into a thunderstorm!

Tim Rogers of Action Button studios drops in to talk about their new release, Videoball! While talking to the crew you get to experience a deep dive into the mind of a genius. We also learn where not to park when visiting Tim. If you ever wanted to know what a game dev’s brain sounds like, this is the definitive show for you!

With four different acts of police brutality happening in the past week, we take some time to parse our feelings and record them for you, Brookago.

Rest in peace to those taken from us. #BlackLivesMatter

We welcome the awesomeness that is Greg Kasavin of Supergiant Games to Brookago this week to discuss their new game Pyre. We chat about his transition from writer to a developer, how expectations have changed since the success of Transistor and Bastion. Greg, Kahlief, and Shareef also get to reminisce on the days of Street Fighter 2, Super Dodgeball and The American Gladiators and how they all have influenced Supergiant’s newest adventure.